Power in every pound

Power in every pound.

We care about the world. Yet there are millions still living in poverty, trying everyday to survive without clean water or food. Our goal is to help change all this. For anything you spend on CraftedIn, we'll donate 10% to Oxfam, helping support a variety of incredible projects across the world.

Supporting incredible projects

Supporting incredible projects.

Oxfam are supporting hundreds of projects across the world. 3.9 million people have been reached by health promotion activities, 400,000 people are benefiting from support to improve their crops, goods or services and 1.4 million people are benefiting from improved sanitation facilities.

Show the world. Help the world.

Everyday we strive to make CraftedIn the best it can be. But we believe that to be a great website we need to give back to the world. By simply using CraftedIn and seeing ads or subscribing to premium, you are not only helping us achieve these goals - you are changing the world.

Disclaimer: "Oxfam" and the Oxfam logo are registered copyrights of Oxfam International. We are neither endorsed by, sponsored or partnered with Oxfam in any way. We are, however, working on partnering with Oxfam in the future.